Our clothes

The folk group "SICILIA BEDDA", performs wearing folk costumes of ancient Sicily reproduced on the basis of historical evidence.

The dress femmiline

The dress is composed of female black shoes with buckle blunt, socks and a white cotton skirt, red or green embroidered with designs representing the ancient Sicily, which reaches a few inches up from the ankle, the skirt. Superimpose the skirt is the 'Fadali' which is a white apron with lace and tied around the waist with a string. The green damask bodice laced in front, and generally also embroidered velvet. The costume is merged a retina by the hair, the large circles in the ears, the metal clasps and necklaces attached to the neck.


The male dress

The male costume consists of black shoes tipped round, cotton or wool socks from white to black velvet trousers with stripes shorts to the knee with the cracks on the sides of string tied with red or with a button from a shirt low-cut white cloth and tied with a scarf, a waistcoat of black velvet lined with buttons blacks, by a strip of red velvet, usually wrapped in the sides.

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