Saint Joseph

The folk group, as well as folk song and dance every year participating in religious activity: the"Feast of St. Joseph", with the realization of the"Altar of St. Joseph".

Historical signals


On March 19, coinciding with the arrival of warm weather, is manifested in Salemi devotion to St. Joseph the Patriarch, the Holy Protection of orphans and the poor, with all devotional altars adorned with bread model, called "Dinner of Saint Joseph". The dinner was originally as a vote of thanks or as a pledge of a pardon by a devout person who has committed to St. Joseph to make a charity banquet for three poor children who are the"Holy Family".
Melts and then a promise is fulfilled a vow made by faith and follow the tradition that has always been a ceremonial, without ritual gestures, prayers, songs, tied to a very complex symbolism. Dinner of St. Joseph, folk and ritual together, is an outward demonstration of the true religion, spontaneous, curious and full of anthropological value, solidarity and brotherhood that is in the social nature of every man.

The video

Here are the videos shown on the "Dinner of St. Joseph" prepared by the folk group.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

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