Our instruments


The marranzano
Also called mariolu, marranzanu, ngannalarruni, is an ancient musical instrument of Arabic origin, the particular sound made by a metal plate in the shape of a horseshoe which is fixed a laminette steel. It sounds backing support to the mouth and vibrating with a finger Laminette, emitting simultaneously breath, coordinated by the diaphragm, it produces a sound very distinctive.


The accordion
The accordion is a musical instrument free-reed bellows aerofono, was for many years a tool linked to the folk tradition of folk dance.


The friscalettu
The friscalettu (also called frąutu, fischiettu, frischiettu or farałtu, according to dimension) is a woodwind musical instrument of greek origin, made with cane mediterranean. During construction, the plant is cut cane knots before and after the two nodes, so as to give life to 'mouth and the closure of part or' culazza 'part, the part is made with a wood dell'imboccatura other than cane, is often used pine. On average friscalettu has a length of 12/30 cm and a diameter of 10/20 mm. In what is chosen as above, are made for the entire length of the barrel, seven holes, while the bottom two holes, and a third hole sfiatoper sound, apart from 'mouth. There are two types of friscalettu, the one in C and one in La, the former has a length between twelve and twenty centimeters, while the second is to blow up more.


The guitar
The guitar is a musical instrument cordofono, which is played with the fingertips, with nails or a plectrum. The sound is generated by the vibration of the strings that are stretched above the soundboard, which, in turn, rests on the soundboard that amplifies the sound. The strings are stretched between the tiracorde mounted on the bridge and the nut being fixed between the bridge and mechanics placed on the pallet. On the handle, the keypad allows you to shorten the length of the part of the vibrating string, so play the notes you want.


The drum
Drum is a general term for a percussion instrument of the family membranophones. Organological is called "drum" means a tubular cable in which the sound is hit or scraping a skin stretched across one end of the stem.


The tamburello
Musical instrument consisting of a membrane of skin stretched over a circle of wood, a few inches high, with small metal plates paired, hinged on a wire.


The jug
The jug, also called 'bummulu' was born in Sicily to carry water. Because of the unusual shape and the material made of clay or clay in kilns at high temperatures, it was adapted, perhaps accidentally, and as a means, in fact, blowing from the dell'imboccatura appropriately, with a technical specification as if it were an instrument wind, it comes out a sound characteristic.


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